About us
Our team works with enthusiasm in the field of website building since 2012. To date, our portfolio of several dozen successfully launched projects. We do not undertake everything, but really estimate the task before us, in order to focus on creating maximum comfortable conditions of cooperation with our customers.
Our services
  • Turnkey website development
  • Upgrade and refine the existing website
  • Development of own CMS according to the reference
  • Cross-browser layout
  • Template layout with PSD
  • Technical support
  • Domain and hosting selection
Our advantages
  • Low price
  • Competitive service quality
  • Comprehensive approach to the administrative and technical issues

Make a website with us and you will get a free technical support for the first year!

Business card /
Landing page
50 $

Business card — the simplest kind of website, usually contains 1 to 5 pages. Sites of this kind generally include general information about the owner of the site and his contact details.
Landing page — this is a one-page website, the purpose of which is to sell the product or service as efficiently as possible.

Thematic / Personal /
100 $

Thematic characterized by the fact that it contains information on a specific topic.
Personal page - a resource made by one person, on a specific topic or several topics, with the purpose of sharing it with readers.
Blog – this site is an online diary, or a magazine, with the ability to add comments.

150 $

Corporate website — this is the company's representation on the Internet. This type of site is best suited for medium and large companies. It contains complete information about the company and its activities. It is sometimes called a virtual office, since visiting such a site is comparable to communicating a visitor with a human resources manager.

Catalog /
150 $

Catalog and informational website - this type of site, in which the submission of information has fact-finding, informational and cognitive character. This type of site offers a structured set of resources, information or services.

150-200 $

E-shop - is a site that sells goods or services through the Internet network. Users can make an order, make purchases and pay for goods or services online without leaving home.